Thursday, May 8, 2014

Vendor Set-Up Clarifications

Hello fabulous vendors!

We just wanted to remind you of a few things before we get started tomorrow (so excited!). Vendor set up was tonight (Thursday, May 8, 6 pm-8 pm) and only during this scheduled time. This is our 5th show and we've learned some things along the way to make things run smoothly and successfully for our vendors--our first priority! One of those things is to be pretty strict with our vendor set up policy. We've had experiences in the past with vendors coming late, often during the show, and leisurely setting up their booths in front of shoppers. It doesn't look very professional and it isn't fair to other vendors so we must be pretty firm in enforcing this policy. Our "take down" policy is the same. By purchasing a vendor spot you are committing to have your booth up and "shop-able" for the entirety of the scheduled Holiday House hours. Thanks so much for your compliance with these policies!

We'd also like to remind you that your spot includes only floor space for your 6 foot table and sometimes a small folding chair somewhere near it. Floor spaces have been taped out with blue tape on the carpet for reference. If you happen to be taking up more than your allotted space we may ask you to condense so other vendors can have the space they were promised as well. If there are "no shows" or last minute "drop-outs" in your area, we will let you know tomorrow whether you can "stretch out" a little bit :) Feel free to use the wall space above your table space to lean posters/shelves/frames etc. to really utilize your space. We do ask that nothing permanent be applied to the walls (pins, nails, tape that leaves marks) but rather the use of removable tools...tac, sticky hooks etc.

Just some quick reminders as they are each discussed in our vendor application/info packet. Vendors are responsible to know both the information in the packet & the information on the blog.

Excited to see you all tomorrow! Please be prompt! The house looked great when I left!! We'd like to give ya all a giant thank you for your participation, your hard work and preparation, and for the fun that you'll add to the next few days! Can't wait!

-Your 2014 Spring Holiday House Team

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