Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quick Important Message!

Hey there fabulous vendors!
We're excited to see you soon! Just as a quick reminder...all communication should go through this blog. Feel free to ask us questions by commenting below. We'll get back to you as soon as we can! If you feel like you need to send a private email, from here on out Arlena will be your point of conact at this email address: arlenastrode@gmail.com

Thank you!!
-Your 2014 Spring Holiday House Team


  1. Sorry, I sent an email before I read this. :) Are we allowed to bring things that may sit on the floor - either in front of or next to the tables? Can we put anything up on the wall? How early is set up on Friday?

  2. What time can we get there on Thursday night and I am in the kitchen do I need a table or is there one there? Thank you, Debbie

  3. I am sooooo lost on this...am I suppose to bring a table??? and what time on thursday?

  4. I have a function at my childrens school so I will be setting up on Friday early. How early can we get there to set up? I also heard there are already table there, is that correct? Just want to check before I leave in the morning, because it will take over an hour to get there. Thank you!

  5. Hello!
    To answer a few of your questions...
    -Vendors are responsible for their own tables as stated in the application/info packet
    -Vendor set up is Thursday May 8 from 6pm-8pm as stated in the application/info packet and only during that time.
    -You may bring things to set on the floor as long as they fit in your 6ft by 3 foot allotted space.
    -Wall hangings are okay as long as they won't damage the wall...ex. things hung with tac, sticky hooks, leaning large frames or shelves against the wall is totally okay again...as long as it's within your allotted space.
    Thanks so much for your questions y'all! Excited to get started tomorrow!