Thursday, May 8, 2014

Vendor Set-Up Clarifications

Hello fabulous vendors!

We just wanted to remind you of a few things before we get started tomorrow (so excited!). Vendor set up was tonight (Thursday, May 8, 6 pm-8 pm) and only during this scheduled time. This is our 5th show and we've learned some things along the way to make things run smoothly and successfully for our vendors--our first priority! One of those things is to be pretty strict with our vendor set up policy. We've had experiences in the past with vendors coming late, often during the show, and leisurely setting up their booths in front of shoppers. It doesn't look very professional and it isn't fair to other vendors so we must be pretty firm in enforcing this policy. Our "take down" policy is the same. By purchasing a vendor spot you are committing to have your booth up and "shop-able" for the entirety of the scheduled Holiday House hours. Thanks so much for your compliance with these policies!

We'd also like to remind you that your spot includes only floor space for your 6 foot table and sometimes a small folding chair somewhere near it. Floor spaces have been taped out with blue tape on the carpet for reference. If you happen to be taking up more than your allotted space we may ask you to condense so other vendors can have the space they were promised as well. If there are "no shows" or last minute "drop-outs" in your area, we will let you know tomorrow whether you can "stretch out" a little bit :) Feel free to use the wall space above your table space to lean posters/shelves/frames etc. to really utilize your space. We do ask that nothing permanent be applied to the walls (pins, nails, tape that leaves marks) but rather the use of removable tools...tac, sticky hooks etc.

Just some quick reminders as they are each discussed in our vendor application/info packet. Vendors are responsible to know both the information in the packet & the information on the blog.

Excited to see you all tomorrow! Please be prompt! The house looked great when I left!! We'd like to give ya all a giant thank you for your participation, your hard work and preparation, and for the fun that you'll add to the next few days! Can't wait!

-Your 2014 Spring Holiday House Team

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quick Important Message!

Hey there fabulous vendors!
We're excited to see you soon! Just as a quick reminder...all communication should go through this blog. Feel free to ask us questions by commenting below. We'll get back to you as soon as we can! If you feel like you need to send a private email, from here on out Arlena will be your point of conact at this email address:

Thank you!!
-Your 2014 Spring Holiday House Team

Monday, April 21, 2014

Payment Info & Swag Bag Sneak Peek

This year is our first year not employing a cash register--a system we often use to allow vendors to come and go as they please while we take payment for them. At the Spring Holiday House each vendor will be responsible for taking their own payments & staying with their booths. We just wanted to give you a few tips to make sure it's a great success!

-Although lots of shoppers are prepared with cash for holiday boutiques, some are not and most prefer to pay with a card. We don't want you to lose possible sales because someone may not have enough cash. If you do not already have a way to accept cc and are interested in it, you can easily download an app to your tablet or mobile smart phone. Get that info here. They'll send you a "swiper" that attaches to your device. This is totally optional--your preferred payment method is up to you :)

-If accepting cards remind shoppers that there is a fee or have the fee already factored into your prices

-Bring a cash box with plenty of change & keep a good eye on it...we've never had a theft problem at The Holiday House but you never apron with pockets works great too!

-Label with clear & easy to read pricing. Not only does it make for a simple and pleasant shopping experience but shoppers won't need to wait and ask you "how much?" if you are busy with another customer.

-Have back up. Taking payment for your own booth means your booth will need to be "manned" at all times. If you need to switch out or take a break at anytime now is a great time to take some time and set that up with someone who'd be willing. In the past we've had last minute cancellations due to no "back up". We are excited about your participation and for your successes and want you to be a part of the show!

-Avoid the "stare down"...we all like to keep an eye on our booths, see what shoppers are interested in, and be readily available to answer questions, these are all great practices for successful sales! However, try to avoid watching too closely as a shopper may browse your booth, sometimes this makes shoppers uncomfortable and we want our shoppers to take part in the fun & friendly environment we're famous for! On the other hand being friendly and engaging can often boost sales & make for a great experience!

-We will have some shopping bags on hand for your/shopper use but consider supplying some of your own for smaller items, for bulk purchases, and for branding purposes.

If you have any great pricing/payment/booth tips you'd like to them below! We'd love to hear them and we can all benefit from one another's knowledge and experience!

All swag bag payment & items are due Thursday, May 1st, 2014. (10 days) We are still accepting if you know anyone interested!

-$50 Gift Card to Planet Beach
-Cerretta's Candy Samples
-Cookie Samples
-Vendor Donated Items (see below)
-Coupons & Freebies galore!
-Local business flyers & business cards
-and MORE!

*The first 100 shoppers each day receives a swag bag! Tell your friends! We open at 9am!

*Each year we've asked vendors to donate an item to our raffle baskets which we've used to encourage shoppers to make purchases (1 raffle ticket for making a purchase, 1 additional ticket for every $50 spent). This year we're doing swag bags in lieu of raffle baskets. We'd still love your donations--which are optional--to place a few lucky bags for random shoppers to receive. We'd prefer to receive your donations during vendor set up but we'll accept them any 'ol time before open on Saturday morning.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Flash Back :)

Hello Hello Spring vendors! We've about a month to go...and in our excitement we'd like to reminisce a little with ya. Returning vendors will have fun taking a peek while new vendors will get a glimpse of what to expect! Enjoy :)

For a preview of what you'll see in May browse our facebook page...we are busy promoting your talent with giveaways, sneak peeks, and more! "like", comment, share, "join", invite your friends!

P.S. We have amazing things coming to our shoppers in the form of HH Swag Bags...stay tuned for an exclusive sneak peek of those coming up next :)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Introducing our spring flyer *drum roll*...

Download here
Right click on the picture and click 'Save image as...'
Once you've saved the image then use the options available in your image viewer to print 1-4 flyers per page.

All of our tables are booked (still accepting swag bag entrants) and we're excited to get rolling on this years event! Today's HH tip is all about advertising! (stay tuned for part 2) As a reminder, we'll be taking care of much of the bigger advertising-websites, signs, newspaper ads etc. but the more advertising we do, the better! As previously mentioned, one of the reasons we're able to keep vendor table fees low is because each vendor puts in a good effort to help advertise. If everyone pitches in, we should get lots of traffic and have a successful event! Remember, every one of us benefits from any advertising efforts made : )

Attached are our official HH flyers for this year.

-for a black & white option, just select the "black & white" box option when printing from your printer

-to format for half sheets or quarter sheets, select up to 4 "flyers per page" option when printing from your printer

Ideas for placing flyers:

-Print off some flyers and keep a few in your purse with a roll of tape to place wherever you may happen to go. In years passed we'd tape them in bathroom stalls, tuck them in books, & attach them to community mailboxes while on walks! If you don't have a lot of extra time...get creative! ; )

(The Ad Kit Arlena keeps in her car!)
-Visit places where people in your targeted market go. Ask permission before posting a flyer on any establishment's bulletin boards or taping them to walls or windows. Consider high-traffic locations like supermarkets, laundromats, student unions, community centers and coffee shops. With permission, leave a small stack of flyers at these places for people to grab

-Around your Neighborhood: Drop flyers off on doorsteps, community mailboxes, and in mail slots if your flyer is applicable to the area. Especially if you're taking the little ones on a walk anyway!
Good areas to advertise in: Peoria, North Peoria, Glendale, North Glendale, Phoenix, Surprise, or anywhere really-the more the better : )

-Keep up your distribution efforts for as long as possible. You might reach someone you didn't the first time. If your flyer gets torn down, put a new one up. Especially as we get closer to May. Sometimes interested shoppers forget dates and times & need a reminder.

-Event and public meeting announcements are welcome in many businesses, and public buildings.

-Social Media! Much of our yearly traffic comes from social media advertising, what a quick & easy way to reach a large amount of potential visitors! Share the flyer, share the page invite your entire friends list to the event, and keep sharing!! If you're apart of a facebook "group" including FB yard sales, post an announcement/flyer there as well. Tweet it, blog it, button it, instagram it, whatever your cup of tea is : )

-Remember to carry durable tape that won't damage or tacks for hanging

-Any other fantastic ideas?? Share them in the comment box below!

Thanks! & good luck with your advertising efforts!

-Your 2013 Holiday House Team

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

FB Advertising!

Hey there spectacular vendors!

With just a month and a half away we are getting really excited for our Spring Holiday House event! If you're an "old timer" you'll know that one of the biggest reasons our vendor fees are low is because we ask for vendor participation in advertising. We'll be sending out this years flyers and all kinds of advertising tips in upcoming weeks but we'd like to start with FACEBOOK! We get lots of traffic on our HH Facebook page and utilize it for lots of advertising. From now until the big weekend we'll be spotlighting different vendor's "shops" on the facebook page and we'd love for you to let us know what you'd like us to focus on for you. If you have some great pictures that we don't already have (from your vendor app) or will be offering great deals at the HH, or just want to show off whats great about your business, let us know! It will help get our shoppers excited for May! Just Message us on the FB page to give us the details.
If you're not already following the Facebook page, we'd love it if you did. Keep an eye out for other vendor's spotlights, "like" and comment on them, and we'll be able to boost advertising, and support each other!
Here's the FB LINK 

Thanks so much!
-Your 2014 Spring Holiday House Team

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Swag Bags!

One new idea we're really excited about for this event are Holiday House Swag Bags! We had 200 bags donated and we'll be stuffing them with all kinds of goodies (samples, coupons, flyers, etc.) to hand out to our shoppers. We know it will incentivize shoppers to come out to the event and it will be a great way for each of you (or others you know!) to advertise your business. Business cards stapled to a little sample, flyers, printed coupons, catalogs, get creative with how you'd like to utilize the swag bags to benefit your business! If you know any local businesses that are looking for ways to "get the word out" and publicize, please pass this information along. If you'd like to formally submit for a spot in the swag bag, read the details below, click on the original application link in the post below this one, and fill out the information with your Swag Bag Option selection and return it to:
Thanks so much!
*Swag Bags are optional

-In lieu of raffle baskets we’ll be handing out “swag bags” to the first 100 shopper each day (200 total).
-Vendors may opt to participate for an additional fee:

Option #1-Have your business card/pamphlet/catalog placed in each bag ($25)

Option #2-A coupon worth $5 or more, a sample item, or other giveaway promotional item in
each bag ($10)

-With both options the vendor is responsible for providing swag bag materials

-We still encourage vendors to donate a small item from their “shop” that we’ll be giving away to
a few lucky winners.

Comment below with questions. Thanks!
-Your 2014 Spring Holiday House Team