Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Swag Bags!

One new idea we're really excited about for this event are Holiday House Swag Bags! We had 200 bags donated and we'll be stuffing them with all kinds of goodies (samples, coupons, flyers, etc.) to hand out to our shoppers. We know it will incentivize shoppers to come out to the event and it will be a great way for each of you (or others you know!) to advertise your business. Business cards stapled to a little sample, flyers, printed coupons, catalogs, get creative with how you'd like to utilize the swag bags to benefit your business! If you know any local businesses that are looking for ways to "get the word out" and publicize, please pass this information along. If you'd like to formally submit for a spot in the swag bag, read the details below, click on the original application link in the post below this one, and fill out the information with your Swag Bag Option selection and return it to:
Thanks so much!
*Swag Bags are optional

-In lieu of raffle baskets we’ll be handing out “swag bags” to the first 100 shopper each day (200 total).
-Vendors may opt to participate for an additional fee:

Option #1-Have your business card/pamphlet/catalog placed in each bag ($25)

Option #2-A coupon worth $5 or more, a sample item, or other giveaway promotional item in
each bag ($10)

-With both options the vendor is responsible for providing swag bag materials

-We still encourage vendors to donate a small item from their “shop” that we’ll be giving away to
a few lucky winners.

Comment below with questions. Thanks!
-Your 2014 Spring Holiday House Team


  1. I would like to participate in the $10 Swag Bags. Please email me at I am a partylite consultant and can forward you payment through paypal.

  2. Hi Viola! Click on the link in the post below this one to apply. It will give you emailing directions. Thank you!