Saturday, March 29, 2014

Introducing our spring flyer *drum roll*...

Download here
Right click on the picture and click 'Save image as...'
Once you've saved the image then use the options available in your image viewer to print 1-4 flyers per page.

All of our tables are booked (still accepting swag bag entrants) and we're excited to get rolling on this years event! Today's HH tip is all about advertising! (stay tuned for part 2) As a reminder, we'll be taking care of much of the bigger advertising-websites, signs, newspaper ads etc. but the more advertising we do, the better! As previously mentioned, one of the reasons we're able to keep vendor table fees low is because each vendor puts in a good effort to help advertise. If everyone pitches in, we should get lots of traffic and have a successful event! Remember, every one of us benefits from any advertising efforts made : )

Attached are our official HH flyers for this year.

-for a black & white option, just select the "black & white" box option when printing from your printer

-to format for half sheets or quarter sheets, select up to 4 "flyers per page" option when printing from your printer

Ideas for placing flyers:

-Print off some flyers and keep a few in your purse with a roll of tape to place wherever you may happen to go. In years passed we'd tape them in bathroom stalls, tuck them in books, & attach them to community mailboxes while on walks! If you don't have a lot of extra time...get creative! ; )

(The Ad Kit Arlena keeps in her car!)
-Visit places where people in your targeted market go. Ask permission before posting a flyer on any establishment's bulletin boards or taping them to walls or windows. Consider high-traffic locations like supermarkets, laundromats, student unions, community centers and coffee shops. With permission, leave a small stack of flyers at these places for people to grab

-Around your Neighborhood: Drop flyers off on doorsteps, community mailboxes, and in mail slots if your flyer is applicable to the area. Especially if you're taking the little ones on a walk anyway!
Good areas to advertise in: Peoria, North Peoria, Glendale, North Glendale, Phoenix, Surprise, or anywhere really-the more the better : )

-Keep up your distribution efforts for as long as possible. You might reach someone you didn't the first time. If your flyer gets torn down, put a new one up. Especially as we get closer to May. Sometimes interested shoppers forget dates and times & need a reminder.

-Event and public meeting announcements are welcome in many businesses, and public buildings.

-Social Media! Much of our yearly traffic comes from social media advertising, what a quick & easy way to reach a large amount of potential visitors! Share the flyer, share the page invite your entire friends list to the event, and keep sharing!! If you're apart of a facebook "group" including FB yard sales, post an announcement/flyer there as well. Tweet it, blog it, button it, instagram it, whatever your cup of tea is : )

-Remember to carry durable tape that won't damage or tacks for hanging

-Any other fantastic ideas?? Share them in the comment box below!

Thanks! & good luck with your advertising efforts!

-Your 2013 Holiday House Team

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  1. Hi there, I just came across this blog, how, i cant not remember but I operate a group called Swip Swap Happy Valley on Facebook that have and with your event being with in our boundaries I would be happy to advertise (free of coarse) by posting the flyer and/or any information you prefer. So basically I am asking permission because this seems like a fun event that is within our community so with almost 3k members I am sure more than just a few eyes will see it. All I request is that you join the group so if any questions were to come about someone is available with knowledge of this event to be able to answer them.