Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Holiday House 2013 Tip #2...Booth Displays!

Wow! We're just one month away! 
We know you all are super busy working on your fabulous items so this blog tip is to remind you that this would be a great time to think about your table display : )
The way you feature your items can really help you boost your sales, so here are a few tips:

-Keep the theme & feel of your items in mind as you select table cloths & colors (ex. if you were selling old fashioned candy, maybe a colorful, fun, retro spread. For Christmas items, red & green with garland or silver & gold with battery operated flicker tea lights?)

-Diverse levels are a really simple way to give your table more depth. Use stacks of books or boxes at different heights under your table cloth for an attractive look that will also aid in making sure all of your items are featured clearly.Use easels to feature items like signs, picture frames, or wreaths. A small shelf leaned against the back wall of your table would be a great way to utilize your designated space. 

-Consider the packaging of your items. One look at etsy.com will tell you that the packaging and look of an item matter immensely! Cute bags, boxes, tags, & ties! If you're selling Gift Certificates, try using photo-shop or a template for a professional & attractive look.

-If you have an item that won't be featured well just sitting on a table (ex. vinyl wall art, clothing), be creative with how you feature it. Maybe framed pictures of the item being modeled or in use, use props like a mirror so shoppers can try items like scarves, hats, & jewelry on and see how it looks right at your table. (we do have a restroom not too far open for use as well)

-If you are representing a company, etsy shop, or your own personal business, have your company logo displayed somewhere clearly. Set out business cards and/or a place to take future orders, gather shoppers information (email etc.)

-For outdoor vendors-consider creative lighting...Christmas lights, hanging lanterns, lamps etc. 

Here are just a few great ideas we found on pinterest:http://www.pinterest.com/ericaregelin/craft-show-tips-and-display-ideas/

Offering guests more than just your items, but an experience & ambiance as they spend time at your table will hopefully draw more shoppers to your booth and boost your sales! 
-Your 2013 Holiday House Team

P.S. Have a great idea? Things that have/haven't worked in the past? Share in the comment section below!

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